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Höegh Autoliners is a global RoRo shipping company specialising in port-to-port ocean transportation of automobiles, mining equipment and breakbulk cargo. We are committed to making green shipping easier for our customers. Our shipping solutions are designed to meet the customers needs while reducing their carbon footprint.

Main trade routes

Höegh Autoliners is one of the world’s leading RoRo operators, with eleven global deep-sea trades and one shortsea service in the Caribbean. With more than 2 500 port calls annually, we offer our customers a global network of ports.
  • East Asia to Africa

    The East Asia to Africa trade caters for shipments from Japan, China and Singapore to destinations in South and East Africa. The service is offered on a monthly basis. A synchronised connection in Durban connects to the Indian Ocean Islands.

  • East Asia to Europe

    Höegh Autoliners has been one of the pioneer carriers from East Asia to Europe, a trade which covers Japan, Korea and China with discharge in the Mediterranean, United Kingdom and Continental Europe. In Europe, we can furthermore offer an extensive network of ports on transhipment or inducement basis.

  • East Asia to North America and the Caribbean

    The dedicated liner service caters for shipments to the US Gulf and East Coast and the Caribbean. The Caribbean ports are served via Kingston, Jamaica with cargo shipped to their final destination by Höegh Autoliners Shortsea Americas service. Solutions from Southeast Asia, Oceania and India can be offered on transhipment basis.

  • Europe to Africa, the Indian Ocean and Oceania

    In this service, Durban is offered three times a month, the Indian Ocean Island of Reunion twice a month, Mauritius on a monthly basis and Madagascar every other month. Several ports in Australia are served up to four times a month, while Auckland is serviced twice a month. A direct call to Noumea is offered once a month.

  • Europe to the Caribbean and Mexico

    The Europe to the Caribbean and Mexico service offers a wide range of ports from Bremerhaven (Germany), Southampton (the UK) to Kingston (Jamaica) and Veracruz (Mexico) including a strong coverage with ports in between.

  • Europe to the Middle East

    The Europe to the Middle East route caters for shipments from Germany, Belgium, and the United Kingdom to destinations in the Middle East.

  • Europe to US East Coast

    The Europe to US East Coast and Oceania trade connects Höegh Autoliners’ main ports in Europe with Baltimore & Jacksonville and then directly to destinations in New Zealand as well as Australia after passing through the Panama Canal.

  • Middle East to Africa and the Americas

    Höegh Autoliners has an extensive sailing schedule between the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas. On the Middle East’s coast, we cover the areas from Jebel Ali (UAE) to Mumbai (India), Durban, and Jacksonville.

  • North America to Europe

    Höegh Autoliners offers regular direct sailings from the US Gulf and East Coast to main ports in Europe including Bremerhaven and Antwerp.

  • North America to Oceania

    Höegh Autoliners offers regular direct sailings from Baltimore and Jacksonville to Oceania. A range of destinations are served in both New Zealand and Australia via the Pacific Ocean.

  • North America to the Middle East and Asia

    Höegh Autoliners has an expansive sailing schedule between North America, Mediterranean, the Middle East and Asia. On the east coast of North America we cover the area from Veracruz (Mexico) in the south to Wilmington, DE (USA) in the north. Our port coverage in the Middle East is extensive with direct sailings to both the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf.

  • Caribbean Shortsea service

    The Caribbean Shortsea service offers a wide range of ports from Dégrad des Cannes, French Guiana in the south to Port Everglades, FL, USA in the north including a strong coverage with ports in between. With our deep sea service from Europe, the Middle East and the Far East we connect Latin America and Caribbean ports, we connect in the US; Baltimore and Jacksonville to join the Caribbean network. via dedicated hubs in Kingston, Jamaica and Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe into our shortsea service.

What we transport

With a fleet designed for maximum flexibility, we are able to cater for a wide range of cargo. Our customers range from global vehicle manufacturers to producers of high and heavy construction equipment and other rolling and non-rolling stock. Höegh Autoliners is also a leading carrier of second-hand vehicles.

With our commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Höegh Autoliners has established a leading position in the automotive transport industry. Car manufacturers worldwide transport their brand-new vehicles on RoRo shipping vessels. These vessels function like mobile parking structures, ensuring the secure anchoring of cars to their decks.

Our vessels and specialized equipment ensure your out-of-gauge cargo’s safe and efficient transportation. Our extensive rolltrailer fleet incorporates a wide range of cargo-carrying equipment, ensuring that we can accommodate diverse cargo sizes.

Our Pure Car and Truck Carriers (PCTC) provide the ultimate solution for transporting a wide range of large rolling units, including trucks, buses, trailers, motorhomes, and caravans. With our vessels, we ensure seamless and efficient transportation for these diverse cargo types. One of the key advantages of our PCTC vessels is their wide ramps, which are specifically designed to facilitate easy manoeuvring and loading of wide and long units.

Höegh Autoliners transports locomotives, railcars and tramways on board its vessels. Our modern 72-foot and 80-foot rolltrailers are equipped with rails, specially designed for stable and safe transportation of railcars.

Höegh Autoliners has extensive experience in transporting mining equipment for some of the world’s most recognized manufacturers. We understand the unique requirements and challenges involved. Mining equipment is often heavy, and oversized, and requires specialized handling and transportation solutions.

Höegh Autoliners is a well-known leader in the transportation industry, offering exceptional services for the safe and efficient transportation of agricultural machinery and farming equipment. With our extensive experience in this specialized field, we understand the unique requirements and challenges associated with moving agricultural machinery, and we have developed tailored solutions to address them effectively. One of the key advantages of choosing Höegh Autoliners for your agricultural machinery transportation needs is our ability to accommodate on-board driving.


Machinery and machine tools involve a wide range of cargo with different sizes and weights. By transporting the unit on rolltrailers we ensure the machines are safe and secure throughout the entire voyage.

Construction machinery comes in many shapes and forms and Höegh Autoliners has extensive experience in transporting this type of cargo. While construction machinery is commonly transported as rolling units, we also accommodate partly dismantled units.

Power generation and distribution equipment is sophisticated high value cargo with large dimensions including generators, gas turbines, combined heat, and power units. The transportation of power generation and distribution equipment requires a comprehensive and meticulous approach. By relying on our advanced rolltrailers, adherence to manufacturer instructions, strict lashing procedures, and the implementation of our unique Double-wide rolltrailer concept and twin gooseneck, we ensure the safe and secure transportation of this valuable cargo to its intended destination.

Due to the nature of this commodity, yachts and boats fit perfectly on Höegh’s wide range of roll trailers. With lengths ranging from six to 24 metres, we can accommodate an extensive range on our vessels. Transportation of boats is either on their own trailer or on a roll trailer – with or without a cradle. Either way, our experienced cargo handling team will ensure the cargo is secure during its transport.

Höegh Autoliners’ fleet of rolltrailers are specially designed for smooth and safe transportation of breakbulk and project cargo. By rolling cargo on board the vessel, it reduces the risk of damage compared to lifting it. Furthermore, stowing your cargo under deck means no seawater will reach it during the transportation, so you can rely on less costly packing solutions.

Höegh Autoliners specializes in the transportation of all types of project cargo, including construction and agricultural machinery, mining equipmentrailcars, trucks, buses, and boats. We safely deliver close to 6 million cubic meters of high and heavy cargo annually, to over 3 000 destinations worldwide. Höegh Autoliners uses specialized rolltrailers that are designed to smoothly carry non-rolling cargo, ranging between 20 and 80 feet in size and up to 160 metric tonnes in weight.

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