Fleet presentation

As of 31 December 2023, Höegh Autoliners is operating a fleet of 36 vessels of which 30 are owned and 6 are chartered in.

In 2023, three vessels were purchased, the two Horizon class vessels Höegh Tracer and Höegh Trapper, and Höegh Berlin with capacity of 7 850 CEU. In addition, a purchase option for Höegh Jacksonville, a Category 1 vessel, was declared in October 2023.

The Company’s deep sea network is now fully covered by owned vessels or long-term charters with attractive purchase options, supplemented by a limited use of space charters. A diversified and large fleet allows for economies of scale, as well as efficient and flexible services across the deep sea trade routes. With a current fleet with average carrying capacity of ~6 800 CEU, Höegh Autoliners has the largest average vessel size and lowest emissions within the car carrier industry. For more details on our fleet, see Fleet list here.

  • 30 owned

    of 36 vessels
  • 6 leased

    of 36 vessels
  • 2 Aurora class vessels

    to be delivered in 2024

Intention to further increase share of larger vessel types going forward due to three key benefits

Our Aurora class vessels will be the largest and most environmentally friendly car carriers in the industry, designed for future cargo with strengthened decks and enhanced internal ramp systems.

  • Flexibility of cargo types

  • Economies of scale

  • Lower emissions per unit transported


Capacity (CEU): 9 100

Newbuilding program: 12

Capacity (CEU): 8 500

Owned: 6

Chartered: 0

Capacity (CEU): 7 850

Owned: 9

Chartered: 1

Capacity (CEU): 6 500

Owned: 7

Chartered: 2

Capacity (CEU): <6 000

Owned: 8

Chartered: 3

  • >80%

    More than 80% of our fleet received a CII rating of C and above in 2023. We continue to work on optimising our fleet to improve our CII score in the future.
  • 40%

    Is how much more emission efficient our Horizon class vessels are compared to a standard PCTC vessel.
  • 100%

    Increase in biofuel volumes purchased and consumed during 2023 compared to 2022.
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Meet the Aurora Class

In April 2021, Höegh Autoliners launched the design for the zero-carbon ready Aurora class vessels and in January 2022, the Company announced the contract signing with China Merchants Heavy Industry. To date, contracts for building of 12 Aurora class vessels have been signed and the first two vessels will be delivered to Höegh Autoliners in Q4 2024.