Our strategy

Building the leading green PCTC operator and the preferred partner for sustainability focused customers.

Four core strategic priorities 2022–2026

Customer centric
Deliver shipping services that create customer satisfaction and loyalty

Become the greener deep-sea operator to secure our future

Highly efficient
Reduce voyage costs and maintain lean operating model to reduce unit costs

Digitally enabled
Leverage digital tools to improve customer experience and improve efficiencies

Corporate development goals

Our corporate purpose and development goals are aligned with the three core sustainability pillars.

  • Sailing for sustainability


    Planet development goals
    • Cut carbon emissions by more than 30% from 2019 to 2030* and reach net zero by 2040

    • Partner with customers to create and grow the world’s greenest deep-sea shipping services

    • Raise the bar of asset life cycle management based on our responsible business philosophy

    * The decarbonisation target refers to a more than 30% reduction in the Group’s fleet efficiency measured by the capacity gross ton distance (cgDIST) by 2030 compared to 2019 (the “30 by 30 Target”)

  • Empowering people to be their best


    People development goals

    • Cultivate and invest in diverse agile teams who learn together, collaborate globally and drive bold transformation for our business, partners and customers

    • Promote the wellbeing of our people and local communities through relevant programmes and offers

    • Adopt digital tools to continually develop our shipping heritage and support efficient and safe operations

  • Growing responsible business


    Prosperity improvement goals

    • Develop lasting relationships with customers sharing our business philosophy

    • Ensure financial resilience by management of financial leverage and risks

    • Optimise network and capacity to maximise available capacity while maintaining safe operations

Goals hierarchy

To achieve our strategy and corporate purpose, all goals are cascaded throughout the organisation, and assured through our integrated reporting framework.

All of our development goals are consistent with our corporate purpose and goals, updated on an annual basis. Goals for the CEO and management team (SMT) include both specific individual priorities and deliverables relevant to the function. Goals are further cascaded throughout the organisation with an appropriate mix of corporate and individual goals.

In parallel, our reporting framework ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, stakeholder expectations and voluntary commitments.

As a foundation for all our activities, our Code of Conduct states how all employees shall act to comply with our values, standards and commitments.

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Our history

Höegh's shipowning history goes back to 1927 and since then the Company has been a pioneer in the international shipping industry.