Empowering growth:
Nurture the development of our people

At Höegh Autoliners, we firmly believe that our people are our greatest asset. As we navigate a dynamic industry landscape, learning and skill development become essential. We ensure that every employee has the tools to thrive and contribute effectively through our comprehensive suite of learning offering.

Our learning philosophy is rooted in providing a balanced and practical approach to acquiring skills, both on the job and through more formal channels.

Our Lead Teams Program is designed to cultivate leadership excellence. Through immersive experiences, coaching, and skill-building, participants emerge as empowered leaders who drive positive change. Similarly, our Early Career Development and Maritime Trainee Program aim to build solid international shipping skills, experience, and a global network. We invest in the future by giving our people broad exposure to the business, including international experience and a structured development program to prepare them for broader and more complex roles later in their career. Mentorship plays a crucial role in these programs, bridging experience gaps and fostering knowledge transfer, career insights, and personal growth.

We also uphold our ethical standards by running Updated Integrity Days in each office and promoting our digital compliance to reinforce our Code of Conduct. Our compliance ambassadors have played a pivotal role in supporting this globally, ensuring the ethical behaviour we expect of all our people.

“It’s a cornerstone event reinforcing our shared commitment to integrity and compliance at every level. From top management to every employee worldwide, our dedication to ethical excellence is unwavering. Through innovative digital compliance initiatives, we unite as a global community, ensuring integrity and ethical behavior aren’t just principles but a way of life, upheld in adherence to our Code of Conduct and all applicable laws.”

– Atuldutt Sharma, Head of Sales – India, one of the compliance ambassadors

Environmental day in the Manila office
Gian Gonzales, Learner of the month

In addition, we have a digital learning platform that offers learning across a broad range of topics for all our employees. We saw an increase of 23% in learning hours from 2022 to 2023. Our gamified learning modules offer an engaging and memorable learning experience, leading to significant improvements in our compliance, ESG, and IT security training. We implemented a skills mapping tool that helps our people identify their strengths and areas for development, serving as a compass for growth. The platform enables people to connect across the organisation to learn from other expertise.

In 2023, we introduced two initiatives to foster a culture of lifelong learning: the “Learner of the Month” recognition and a Learning Nudge communication to reinforce our learning ethos.

“Exploring our course offering has been truly enriching to my work experience. It encourages me to be an active learner, a better mentor, and an effective team member. All the courses I have been able to undertake have influenced my perspective positively and I am excited to learn a lot more.”

– Mallerine Kukian, Sales Manager and awarded Learner of the Month

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At Höegh Autoliners, success stems from our dedicated people. Celebrated for their talent, diversity, and passion, they are the driving force behind our achievements. Every team member, from leadership to frontline, is key to our continued innovation and development to be a frontrunner in the industry.